Plusadd, Inc. (Headquarters: Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture; President: Hiroyuki Koike) announces the release of new iOS app, “Piano by plusadd” ( ) .

“Piano by plusadd” is a piano app that you can play with both hands on iPhone. The app is developed by plusadd, Inc., the company that received high praises for its iPad music sheet viewer “piaScore” and the chromatic tuner app “Tuner by plusadd”.

The app is equipped with high quality piano sound, including 18 tones such as church organ, electric guitar, and so on, enabling the user to play pop songs, animation songs, etc. Pressing the “chord” button allows the user to play with accompaniment.

Demo movie : Wedding March

As we continue to provide a new medium for music, future developments in collaboration with music publishers and educational institutions will bring enhanced features.

* To use all features, full upgrade (paid) is required.
About plusadd, Inc.
Plusadd Inc. is a music technology company in Japan. The company’s vision is “Make the world more creative and productive by combining technology and music”. Plusadd developed the digital music score platform “piaScore”. ( ).

Hiroyuki Koike, CEO of Plusadd, worked for Sony as a software engineer for 6 years. In 2010 he was selected as the “Super Creator” for the Exploratory Human Resources Project of the IPA.

CEO Hiroyuki Koike
Founded May, 2010
Address KCCI Incubator 12F Kawasaki Frontier Building
11-2 Ekimaehonmachi Kawasaki-ku
Kawasaki Kanagawa, Japan 210-0007
Products & Service Digital Music Sheet Platform “piaScore” ( )