Piascore, Inc. Release iPad Digital Music Score Shop “ Piascore Store”

Piascore, Inc. (Headquarters: Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture; President: Hiroyuki Koike) announces the opening on March 29 of the digital music score store “Piascore Store” as part of the iPad digital music score viewer “Piascore HD” (http://piascore.com/).

In the “Piascore Store,” users are able to purchase digital versions of music scores for viewing in the iPad digital music score viewer “Piascore”. Score prices start at $0.99. The initial catalog includes over 300 pieces, including simple arrangements, full version classical piano scores, and more. These scores are provided by Felnote, Inc. Through collaborations with music publishers and producers, plans are already in the works for over 200,000 pieces by year's end.

As part of a special product release campaign, free versions of classical gems, Chopin’s “Black Key Etude” and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, are available. Additionally, Hanon’s The Virtuoso Pianist (with MIDI data files), indispensible for the serious piano student, will be available at the special reduced price from mid-April.

As we continue to provide a new medium for music communication, future developments in collaboration with music publishers and educational institutions will bring enhanced features of automated musical scores and recordings essential for music practice.
About iPad digital sheet music platform “Piascore”
The iPad digital music score viewer “Piascore HD” is designed around the concept of putting the world’s music at your fingertips through an easy-to-use musical score viewing, managing, and sharing application. The realization of this handy practice tool came with its release in December 2010 in the iTunes Store, claiming the number one download spot in the iPad / music / free app category.

The free “Piascore HD” iPad app not only allows viewing of music scores, but also allows notations to be added during practice and lessons. And with the free “Piascore Air” iPhone app, users can remotely move from page to page onPiascore. Features including an ultra-realistic “display mode” give users the feeling of reading actual paper scores, while proprietary technology brings world-class page display speed suited to the needs of real performers.

These merits won “Piascore” Distinguished Honoree recognition in the International Business Awards’ consumer entertainment/IT category. Piascore Web site: piascore.com

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About Piascore, Inc.
CEO Hiroyuki Koike
Founded May, 2010
Address 1-9-7-604 Miyoshi building Honcho Kawasaki-ku
Kawasaki Kanagawa
Japan 210-0001
Website http://piascore.com/
Products & Service iPad Digital Music Sheet Platform “Piascore” ( http://piascore.com/ )
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